5 Reasons Why Corporate Video Production Is Essential In Modern Branding Strategies

Today Technology has advanced so much that even basic things are done digitally. Searching through an encyclopedia or reading news using physical newspapers has declined. Appealing to the Visual aesthetics of the people is essential to create impact in their minds. According to a survey, 75% of the viewers are visual learners and visuals create more depth in an individual’s understanding about a certain concept.

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This is the reason that we can see a significant shift in advertisements towards Social media and online platforms. Here are 5 reasons why corporate video production is essential for brands today :

1).Visuals capture attention

Visuals capture the attention of the viewers and evokes emotions which helps the users relate more to the concept. Videos engage the audience to watch more and they could relate to it better . Hence, people are more likely to pay attention to videos than traditional posters or pamphlets.

2). Animation simplifies complex topics

The biggest advantage of video is that it helps to process and understand complex concepts efficiently and easily. Corporate videos are crisp and quite engaging. They simplify topics and help the audience to  understand concepts better. A lot of brands  have already undertaken this marketing strategy and have reaped benefits.

3).Short videos engage a larger audience

Keeping the videos short and crisp will help the viewers to be glued to them. If the audience is forced to watch long and extensive videos, they’ll lose interest and they might have a negative opinion about the brand. People have a short attention span so it is important to make sure that the videos are fun, short , and engaging.

4.) Video boosts conversion rates

Creating corporate videos is an investment for the brands. Including a video on a home page or a landing page can boost viewer consumption rates and  conversions quite high. Watching a well organised and scripted  video can absolutely influence the buying behavior of the target audience and persuade them into getting converted into a possible lead in contrast to a simple reading mode of advertising. Also videos help to convey the exact emotions which will lead to powerful selling , which  can also be used as built-in tutorials or testimonials depending on the need of the brand.

5.) SEO works best with Video content

Search engines are always on the lookout for the best content that engages viewers. There is nothing more  enticing than videos.  Videos generate longer page views and putting proper videos on websites increases its  visibility and opportunity to show up in the search. Promoting the content  video via social media, will improve the  chances of  getting better SEO rates. This will eventually bring in more business and create significant improvement in the brand’s market value.

Where to look for quality video production ?

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