Choose a Mini-Documentary or Short Film To Tell Your Story

One cannot underestimate the power of short films or a documentary as they help to not only deliver a message, but a film helps people to be connected to one another, to share their experiences and post their own feedback. Now, Documentary filmmaker Delhi, NCR, India have put their message across and well, if it hits the nail on the head, people have become your patrons for years to come.

Documentary production companies, Delhi aim to create new possibilities and enter new avenues and build new partnerships.

Now, it needs to be mentioned here that once the video is out there, people might resonate with the message which you have wanted to put across, or they might agree with you, but then, you sure have caught your attention.

Our Services

Documentary/ Short Film Production Process

Perhaps, the greatest advantages with a short video or a documentary is that it has the ability to narrate a story in simple terms no matter how complex the message intends to be.
A successful video has the advantage of technology and it conveys the message with all shades of emotions, and it is also available to be consumed at any time during the day. Documentary filmmaking Companies in Delhi divide short films into 5 broad categories – Educational Videos, Promotional Videos, Information Videos, Human Interest stories and Entertainment Videos.In essence, short films are important to filmmakers, audiences, society, and studios as they are far more digestible and they stay relevant at all times.

Pre- production & Production Support

We believe in planning, as it is an intrinsic way to succeed. We are involved in pre-production as this is the stage Documentary Films Specialists in New Delhi write or review the script and edit or review any changes.
This is the stage where documentary production companies Delhi select the cast, scout for locations and then make the plans accordingly. However, it needs to be said that pre-production can be very important for non-scripted work as well.
Pre-production for a documentary-style shoot also involves going over and shooting questions which will be aimed at the audiences to get the message across and this where your approach and visual style is also decided.

Post- production Services

As soon as the cameras stop rolling, the film is ready to march into the final phase which is called the post production. This is the most important phase as this defines and dictates how the story will be taken from the script to the screen and we are there to give you the best service as one of the best Documentary filmmaker Delhi, NCR, India.
It is in this phase when the editor collates all the footage, assembles them shot by shot, adds the relevant score and then makes it more interactive using other visual and sound effects. Only, when all these elements are combined together, do we get a wholesome experience which is called a movie – a driving force for you to get your message across.
Essentially, Post production is a holy blend of images and sound which drives the story and makes it far more engaging and the production of documentary is concluded.